A new vision of e-safety

What we do   

Our mission is to empower different stakeholder groups in the field of cybersecurity and safe and responsible use of the Internet and ICTs.
TaC provides legal assistance, research and capacity building in the field of its expertise and has developed a series of awareness-raising activities and youth training sessions, with the focus on the safe and responsible use of the Internet.
The strength of our expertise is based on the diverse experience of our experts, who have different backgrounds ranging from technical to policy development aspects. All of them have a deep knowledge of the issues of cybercrime/cybersecurity at different levels, from international to local.
The knowledge of international standards and trends and, at the same time, the recognition of the importance of local priorities and concerns, bring us closer to success.

  Our objectives  

To help achieve our mission, our objectives are:
  • Increase online security and resilience

  • Raise awareness of safe and responsible Internet use

  • Assist different stakeholders in the use of ICTs and the Internet in a safe manner

  • Develop activities for the empowerment of children online

  • Actively participate in Internet governance processes

  Our approach

Our approach is based on an open and collaborative manner. We try not only to bring information on how to stay safe online to end-users, but also try to understand how different stakeholders use the Internet and ICTs. This helps us to develop appropriate methodologies for action in an inclusive and multi-stakeholder manner.
Our actions concern different points, and namely we are involved in:
  • Assisting in the development of cybersecurity strategies and strategies related to information security in the private and public sectors

  • Raising awareness among different stakeholders on the safe and responsible use of ICTs and the Internet and strengthening their capacities in the field

  • Participating in actions on the protection and empowerment of children online and fostering dialogue with and among young people

  • Participating in research on the use of ICTs and the Internet by different stakeholder groups

  • Assisting in the development and harmonisation of legislation on cybercrime / cybersecurity in different countries around the world