A new vision of e-safety

Risk management 

Internal audit of the implementation of cybersecurity strategies and information security aspects within your company.
You can have the best technology and implemented cybersecurity strategy within your company, but if the corporate culture doesn’t include information security aspects, many things can lead to an internal attack. The majority of cyber threats happen due to human error.
We propose an innovative approach by combining sociological analysis and knowledge regarding the implementation of cybersecurity strategies.
The audit is based on sociological methodology, which combines qualitative (surveys, observation technics and interviews) and quantitative tools that allow your organisation top management to:
  • Understand how security aspects are implemented by the management team in your organisation

  • Be understood by employees

  • Understand what is lacking and can be improved on a daily basis

The sociological analysis, in the format of an audit, will allow your company to:
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    Improve the digital security of the company

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    Facilitate the integration of security aspects into the corporate culture of your company

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    Reinforce the cybersecurity culture among all employees

Assessment of the level of cybersecurity from a legal and policy perspective at national/regional levels around the world
The recent proliferation of cyber threats shows that all businesses are affected, both big companies and SMEs – no matter what the industry, the region in which they operate and their corporate culture. All business leaders want to limit the damage caused by this phenomenon and assess the possible risks that may appear in case of an attack.
Information on cybersecurity situation from a legal and policy perspective offered at national/regional levels where the company operates is crucial in order to prepare your company accordingly and to know how to react in case of an attack.
We offer an assessment of the situation at a national/regional level in the field of cybersecurity from legal and policy perspective where your company operates or would like to operate.
We deliver independent reviews of existing national/regional tools in the field of information security and analyse the aspects lacking and potential risks.
This information will allow your company to:
  • Obtain an independent review of the ICT market, with a focus on legal tools and existing policies in the field

  • Assess investment risks in a country from the perspective of cybersecurity

The assessment of risks will allow your company to:
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    Reinforce trust in your company or your client’s business among potential users/customers

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    Ensure/inform your clients about the level of risk related to information security for services delivered by your company

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    Develop an appropriate strategy for the adoption of IT tools in your company / establishment of an online presence for your business with the highest level of security for innovation and data flow