A new vision of e-safety

Research framework

Importance of a research base
In order to empower young people and allow them to benefit from all positive aspects offered by ICTs and the Internet, providing educational tools is essential. The development of a research base is one of the essential components for the development of appropriate methodologies in the field of education and work with children and the young on the subject of safer use of the Internet.
Research framework on the use of ICTs by vulnerable children and youth

The University of Strasbourg and TaC-Together against Cybercrime International had the idea of developing a specific approach for the protection of vulnerable children online.
This is because there is a need to pay particular attention to vulnerable children and young people who are often absent from current studies or research analysis, as they are considered difficult to reach due to different reasons.

This fruitful cooperation has resulted in the initiative of a sociological research survey on the use of ICTs by vulnerable children and youth.
The outcome of the survey, based on the first results of the sociological investigation, is the research framework developed on the use of ICTs by vulnerable children and youth, available for implementation and use in all interested countries.