A new vision of e-safety


Online security is an important factor for Internet users. However security implications should not influence the right to privacy online and the protection of personal data, which is one of the greatest human rights.
It is crucial to have a balanced approach to security via privacy online.
TaC assists different bodies in developing a balanced approach and namely advises:
  • Public bodies – in the development of balanced legislation on cybersecurity with respect to privacy and the protection of personal data

  • Private bodies – to ensure that their company procedures referring to data protection are in line with international standards and national/regional policies and legislation

  • Private companies and SMEs – in developing internal procedures to be put in place to comply with existing national legislation in the field of privacy/data protection

  • Different stakeholders – in delivering capacity building sessions on privacy via security online with particular focus on obligations of different intermediaries in order to allow citizens to stay safe online and enjoy their rights