A new vision of e-safety


We believe that the fight against cybercrime consists in the development of a global approach including technical solutions, legal and policy aspects, awareness-raising activities, assistance for victims and implementation of the lessons learnt strategies.
We assist different stakeholder groups in staying safe online.
Public and private sector bodies
A technical solution to ensuring security online is important but unfortunately you can have the best technology and still become a victim if you don’t apply a strategic vision.
We work on the development of a clear strategy for you based on different aspects in order to prevent such incidents from occurring and to be able to solve them in an appropriate manner if they do happen.
We help private companies and SMEs, as well as public sector bodies, to design an appropriate response to any incident in the coming hour, the first day, the first week after the attack occurs.
We are able to assist individuals on:
  • What to do in order NOT to become a victim of cyber attacks 

  • How to better solve an issue once you have been targeted

  • Where to report the incident and find assistance